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Address Harvester 1.1.

Address Harvester 1.1.: A tool to manage e-mail addresses for newsletters and mailings. mailboxes Address Harvester should “rip” to create the final consolidated list. In this tab, you can select as well an exclusion file to provide a black list of all the addresses, which will not be taken over into the final list. Then click the button “Import” in order to collect (extract, rip) the addresses from the mailboxes. After this process has been completed, the addresses show up in the “address” tab. You can edit or remove the addresses

Mail Snoop Pro 3.00.20: Anti-spam/email notification for multiple Pop3/SSL Pop3/IMAP email accounts.
Mail Snoop Pro 3.00.20

Mail Snoop Pro is the ultimate, user friendly, anti-spam and email notification program. Designed to monitor any number of mailboxes, finding and destroying spam without disturbing you and alerting you when there is new mail you need to see. Feature Summary: Compatible with Pop3/IMAP4 servers. Multiple mailboxes. Powerful filter system. Friends list. Blacklist. Message Archive. Scheduled Mail Checks.

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Prevent Fake Emails 1.0: Automatic delete anonymous (spam, virus) messages in your mailboxes.
Prevent Fake Emails 1.0

mailboxes. After that you will find in your mailboxes only normal (not anonymous) letters. If you want to see anonymous letters just go to program`s directory and you will see some directories with names of your mailboxes. In each directory you will find anonymous letters for belong mailbox. You can add to trusted sender lists any email address (normal or anonymous). It is necessary when program deleted some message, but you don`t want that. That

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IMI GAL Exporter 7.8.8: Export GAL and DList to DataBase
IMI GAL Exporter 7.8.8

IMI GAL Exporter for Microsoft Exchange Server is small utility for Exchange Admin to export GAL (Global Address List) and Distribution List Content to MS Access 2000 table. Obtain information about all the mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange Server 5.x or/and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003. User can select more of Mailbox, Distribution List, Custom Recipient properties from any Recipient container in Organization Tree and export it.

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Encaps2SMS 0.8.1

Encaps2sms checks your mailboxes, when you`re leaving the computer, and sends notifications about new messages onto your mobile by sms. You may setup leave timeout, mailbox access settings (unlimited mailboxes support, ssl), sms sending, spam filtering (white-list and black-list sender&subject check)

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IMI Mailbox Statistics 2.4.061: IMI Mailbox Statistics for Microsoft Exchange Server is a small utility
IMI Mailbox Statistics 2.4.061

mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange Server. The report columns give to you information such as the mailbox name, the Windows NT user account name of the last user to log on to the Mailbox, the sizes of each of the messages in the mailbox, the total number of messages in the mailbox, the date and time when the user last logged on to the Mailbox and date and time when the user last logged out of the Mailbox Enumerate mailboxes, print statistics and export

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IMI GAL Modify 5.4.7: IMI GAL Modify -  modify the Mailbox attributes.
IMI GAL Modify 5.4.7

IMI GAL Modify - modify the Mailbox attributes on Microsoft Exchange Server.

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